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From modern skyscrapers to lovingly preserved old buildings; Singapore is a city of contrasts! Whether you prefer cycling or zooming on an escooter, we got it all.

Let’s Go! and explore Singapore together!

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Best way to get to know Singapore? On a bicycle tour!

Follow the carefully-designed route with our friendly local guide. We guarantee you’ll see the REAL Singapore, how Singaporeans live, eat, work and play.

We’ll ride on sidewalks and quiet little streets that no bus tour can get to. Meander along the Singapore River to see historical landmarks, museums and places of interest.

Pause at Singaporeans’ favourite hangout: Our humble ‘coffeeshop’ to try local drinks and snacks. Learn how Singapore transformed from a sleepy village into the metropolis it is today.

Cycle past Singapore homes, both old and modern. See the various places of worship co-exist side-by-side.

Each route is carefully planned for safety. Let’s Go staff ride (and even WALK) countless times to plan each and every attraction, stop and turn. Our routes are unique, fun and exciting!

Skip the stuffy bus tours of the city. Don’t fall prey to tourist traps. Go green and get on a bike or escooter instead!

What are you waiting for? Let’s Go and Discover Singapore the RIDE way!

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